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Never a Viscount -- Sheri Humphreys
Never a Viscount

A Hero To Hold
A Hero to Hold

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Never a Viscountl -- Sheri Humpreys


Lord Easterbrook, Peter Jennett, goes to Cumberland to confront his greatest fear—that his cousin Arthur, his heir and best friend, is trying to kill him. When Peter’s shot outside town and left for dead, he finds himself in the care of the local nurse. She’s not the woman he imagined for himself, but she’s the perfect woman—the one he wants beside him forever. Then she reveals things that make his life explode.

Anne Albright has never before been attracted to a patient. The estate manager shot by a poacher’s errant shot is special. It’s the happiest day of her life when he proposes. Then she finds out he lied. He’s a viscount and close friends with Viscount Kenton, a man she despises. She wants to stop caring about Peter, but it’s hard to forget him when he stays, seeking the truth and making himself the target of a killer.

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