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Never a Viscount -- Sheri Humphreys
Never a Viscount

A Hero To Hold
A Hero to Hold

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website pictureMy desire to write grew out of a love of reading. One of my elementary school teachers in Seneca, Kansas read to my class every day, and those novels were the genesis of my love for reading. I still remember the essence of one of the books, about the child of a migrant field worker. 

It wasn’t long until I’d read every YA book the library held and moved on to adult fiction. The desire to tell my own stories started early. My fifth grade teacher told my mom, “I just don’t know what to do with Sheri. She doesn’t pay attention in class. Instead, Sheri is writing a book.” 

When my seventh grade English teacher assigned her students to interview three people who did the type of work we wanted to do, I said I wanted to be a writer. By then we lived in Colorado. I called the Denver Post and some kind person helped me, providing the names and numbers of three local novelists. I contacted them, went to their homes and interviewed them. One was William Barrett, author of LILIES OF THE FIELD and THE LEFT HAND OF GOD. 

It took many years to realize my childhood dream of becoming a writer, but that time is now. I hope my books transport you, the way all of us readers love to be swept away.

Happy reading, 

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