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Never a Viscount -- Sheri Humphreys
Never a Viscount

A Hero To Hold
A Hero to Hold

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By the Light of the Christmas Moon -- Sheri Humphreys

The Nightingales Series Book 1.5:

James Merrick, former cavalry officer, is determined to regain everything he lost in the Crimea. His health, his confidence, his future. And most important of all, the woman he never stopped loving, Rosemary Forestal. He knows there are better men, but thank God, he’s the one she wants.

Jamie’s already won her, but he wants to deserve her, so he’ll become the best man he can. He’ll encourage her pursuit of art, because she’s an amazing artist and deserves recognition. And he’ll work tirelessly, learning new skills and rebuilding his physical strength, and becoming a man worthy to be her husband.

But then her first love reappears, and he can offer more than Jamie ever could. Jamie’s a younger son who has taken up estate management, an ex-soldier who’ll never be quite the man he once was. 

And the man from Rosemary’s past...is a prince.   

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