Romance Writers of America® 2012 Golden Heart® Finalist
Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2016

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Crimean war hero David Scott survived the horror of battle and life-altering injury, but when he lost the ability to protect a family, he became resigned to being alone. When he meets the disgraced Lady Charlotte Haliday, he learns survival takes many forms. She withstood the scandalous affair and murder of her viscount husband, but no longer believes in true love. Their unexpected romance awakens dreams of a future neither thought possible, until a woman with a terrible secret plots a different and deadly conclusion to their affair.

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The Nightingale Series Book 1.5:

By the Light of the Christmas Moon -- Sheri HumphreysJames Merrick, former cavalry officer, is determined to regain everything he lost in the Crimea. His health, his confidence, his future. And most important of all, the woman he never stopped loving, Rosemary Forestal. He knows there are better men, but thank God, he’s the one she wants.

Jamie’s already won her, but he wants to deserve her, so he’ll become the best man he can. He’ll encourage her pursuit of art, because she’s an amazing artist and deserves recognition. And he’ll work tirelessly, learning new skills and rebuilding his physical strength, and becoming a man worthy to be her husband.

But then her first love reappears, and he can offer more than Jamie ever could. Jamie’s a younger son who has taken up estate management, an ex-soldier who’ll never be quite the man he once was. 

And the man from Rosemary’s a prince.   

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Unseducible Earl -- Sheri HumpreysThe Nightingale Series Book 1:

Romance Writers of America® 2014 Golden Heart® Finalist 

The end of the Crimean War brings Nightingale nurse Victoria Thorne home to face a society that isn’t ready for a lady with the education and experience of a physician. While nursing a Crimean veteran she proves herself able to deal with medical challenges and discrimination, but she’s dismayed when she develops an attraction to her patient’s betrothed brother, the Earl of Cheriton.

Robb Merrick, Earl of Cheriton, is engaged to a darling of society, yet finds himself drawn to his brother’s nurse. She makes him feel connected with the world instead of cocooned by his title and position. He craves the freedom to pledge his love and loyalty, but ending his betrothal means entangling them all in scandal. How can an honorable gentleman be expected to keep his vow when doing so means destroying all hope of happiness?

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The Nightingale Series Book 2:

Nightingale nurse Elissa Lockwood meets Crimean War surgeon Cameron MacKay in a British military hospital in Turkey. When they surrender to a private moment, Elissa is sent back to England in disgrace. She finds work in London, and is shocked when she discovers Cam employed at the same hospital. Only he’s not the confident surgeon she knew. He’s drinking, he’s lost his nerve and spirit, and he’s not performing surgery. Their problems seem insurmountable. Maybe they don’t belong together, but they can’t resist the pull when a man with a soul-consuming grudge puts both their lives in jeopardy.

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The Nightingale Series Book 3:

Lord Easterbrook, Peter Jennett, goes to Cumberland to confront his greatest fear—that his cousin Albert, his heir and best friend, is trying to kill him. When he’s shot outside town and left for dead, he’s forced into the care of the local nurse. He doesn’t expect to fall in love. Then she reveals things that make his whole life explode.

Anne Albright has never before been attracted to a patient, even though she cared for hundreds as a Florence Nightingale nurse. The estate manager shot by a poacher’s errant shot is special. It’s the happiest day of her life when he proposes. Then she finds out he lied. He’s a viscount and close friends with Baron Flaxley, a man she finds despicable. She wants to stop caring about Peter, but it’s hard to forget him when he stays, refusing to believe the truth, and making himself a target.